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You have reached the homepage of the Optimist Club of Topeka, Kansas.  Our club recently celebrated over 42 years of operation becoming chartered in May 1966. We meet every Thursday (excluding holidays) at noon at Perkins Restaurant located at 17th & Wanamaker, Topeka, Kansas. Please feel free to join us for lunch.

Our current officers and directors (2007-2008) are:
President - Kieth Bodine
Sec-Treasurer - Joe Steffen
VP (OI Liasion) - David Hornbaker
VP (Fund Raising) - Max Williams
VP (Youth Projects) - Dennis Pulver
Past President - David Schemm
1 Year                    2 Years                                
Craig Voigt             Erich Naethe
Max Williams
Bob Keeshan

The Train has a bunch on its schedule for 2008-2009.    Please contact Kieth at 266-4192 or Erich at 286-1966 to sign up to work.  We currently have several dates scheduled.  Your assistance is really appreciated.
Please try to attend a Thursday meeting soon.  We would love to see you.  Lets recognize and support our local speakers. 
We recognize the following birthdays and anniversaries for May:
Barb Barnard
Rod & Barb Bleich
David & Shawn Bruns
Tiffany Fisher
Marilyn Freeze
Mr. JoAnn Long
Erich Naethe
Wilma Naethe
Betty & Richard Oliva
Mrs. David Schemm
Greg & Bev Skinner
Kay Voigt
Hope I did not miss anyone...
Congratulations to all.
Please come out and listen to the speakers and enjoy good fellowship.   Expect some wonderful speakers from the speaker chairperson.   Please plan on attending a weekly meeting soon.
Current members please come to a noon meeting to pick up your new membership directory. 
If you have not paid your current dues, please send your check to Joe Steffen at: P.O. Box 67641, Topeka, KS., 66667
If you would like to speak to our group on any subject, please contact Bob Keeshan at 785-267-0040.  We welcome all speakers, and, as they say, "Yes there is such a thing as a free lunch."

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